Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reflections by Amber Moss






I absolutely love capturing pictures of reflections. Reflections can show you so much more than you could normally see on your own. Like for instance the picture of my son looking at the car, how else would you be able to see the look on his gave while his back is turned to you. I also like how you can make the reflection of something become distorted just by angling your camera differently than you normally would to take a picture. Or the vending machine, someone could think it is actually a picture of a window with trees in the background instead. It can be fun trying to figure out which part of the picture is the real thing and which one is just a reflection. Not to many things in life are exactly how you see it the first time looking at it. 
Amber Moss

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Life- Austin Fred

I titled this "My Life" because this is what I love to do. These photos were of my recent backpacking trip this past summer that my friends and I took for 5 days. We hiked over 5 different mountains and roughed it for 4 nights. I figured these photos would work perfectly because this is one of my biggest hobbies and it gives someone who does not know me on a personal level know a little something about me.

Coffee - by the artist formerly known as Josh Rhoda

The best part of waking up...

Smells good already

Hurry up!!

Where's my coffee?

Josh's Go Go Juice

The corner stone to many college student's careers is drinking coffee. Quite possibly the best drink ever coffee gives us plenty of energy for late night projects and endless spring break road trips. Add sugar and creamer and it becomes even greater.

Joellen Zaiko

Christmas Traditions

Norwayne Field Lights

Christmas Goodies

Grandma's Mason Jar

 Christmas Village Figurines

 Christmas Lights on a Banister

While many people look forward to the Holidays each year for presents or simply a vacation from work or school, I have found a love for this time of year because of the traditions that my family shares together. Each photo I posted captured a small glimpse of the holiday traditions that my family celebrates each and every Christmas season. Whether it being decorating the house as soon as the turkey has been digested from Thanksgiving, baking goodies to share with family and friends, or walking throughout our small town to see the Christmas lights strung on all the trees, these traditions make this time of year special to me. Even without the snow and presents from the Jolly Old Man yet, this holiday season is already filled with memories and traditions that I hope live on throughout the generations to come. 

Courtney Barnard - Favorite Time of Year


Light up the night

Mini Tree



Courtney Barnard
Favorite Time of Year

The reason I chose these pictures is because this is my favorite time of year. Ever since I was a child I was so fascinated with absolutely everything about Christmas. The lights, the trees, the lights my town puts up, everything. My favorite light display/parade I've seen was when I was in second grade and my family took a trip on Christmas break to go to Disney World. At night everything came alive with lights. That sparked an immediate interest in lights. This is also the one time a year my family gets together for this special day. My sister is even flying home from the UK to join us this year. I am beyond excited! Christmas really is the greatest time of year for me.

Matt Stearns - Perspective

Winter Vein

Copper Sea Vessel

Ascending Knowledge


Intercity Dreamer
My intention with this series of photos was simple.  I wanted to display visually interesting photos with an interesting twist on perspective.  While the original photos were normal, these edited photos give a different view of the ordinary.  Every photo was taken on the IUSB campus and many viewers could probably give a rough guess as to where to find the subjects of the works, but each photo also gives a unique take on these locations and shows an artistic view of the usually dull or overlooked objects of life.  The final image strays slightly from this central concept, yet it also creates a foundation for my intention as it reveals the source of the changed perspective.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shrunken Beads


Shrinking slowly 

Not long now

Dying of thirst

All dried up

Aimee Yarde
Drying out scented gel beads

I chose to use fragrance beads because I am fascinated by scents. So the science student in me wanted to see if the beads would shrink faster if they were placed in an open mouthed container, so i did and this is the progress over three weeks.As you can see in the first image, initially out of the container the beads are full of life and fragrance. Then, in the second picture it can be seen that the beads are shrinking and the room is filled with the scent of rain. In the third picture, the glass is only half full with beads because they are freshening the area. In the fourth picture the beads are shrunken even more due to the loss of liquid to the atmosphere. Finally the fifth picture the beads are really tiny and there is barely any scent in the room, you can only smell it if you shake it up.